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Wedding favours & celebration gifts

wedding favour and gift sweets

Ask about our stunningly stylish, personalised wedding favour and celebration sweets – add a finishing touch of memorable class to your perfect day!

Choose from a selection of tins and package options, labels and graphical treatments to suit your style.

From chic and stylish 40gm tins of Mint Sugar Free / Jelly Beans to Glucose sweets, individually wrapped mints to 150 gm or 200 gm tins of All Natural Fruit Drops, all supplied with your own special and personal message applied.

Corporate branded & private label sweets

branded & promotional sweets

Stand well out from the crowd with our sweets, designed and branded to your requirements!

Apply your promotional label/brand and message to a variety of Simpkins confectionery products. Perfect for hotels, garages and general promotional use.

Simpkins offer extensive private label and contract manufacturing opportunities, for corporate gifts, conference confections, promotional items and retail brands.

Packaging formats range from travel tins, pocket tins, bespoke tins, stick packs and bags – all fully managed by your dedicated Simpkins account handler, who will guide you through from concept, manufacture to delivery – it couldn’t be easier!

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