Our extensive range of sweets & confectionery

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Simpkins Travel Tin Sweets

Simpkins are world famous for being the original manufacturer of travel sweets in tins which we still produce today, using only all natural colours and flavours and by traditional methods and recipes, ensures that you are buying the finest high grade glucose sweets available.

Simpkins Ladybird Travel Tin Sweets

Simpkins sweets and Ladybird books have teamed up to develop a range of mouthwatering all natural and gluten free mixed fruit confections in a humorously designed collectors edition travel tin, using the original artwork from the classic books, under license from Ladybird.

Simpkins Pocket Tin Sweets

A must-have for every pocket or handbag, our pocket tin sweets are made using only natural colours and flavours and no added sugar. With a third less calories than sugar based products, these will not promote tooth decay.

Simpkins Gift Tin Sweets

Our gift tins contain a mouthwatering selection of individually wrapped, all natural and gluten free mixed fruit drops. Presented in impressive and uniquely designed 250g tins, these are a gift worth giving!

Simpkins Botanical Sweets

Our beautifully packaged Botanical Collection are all natural and gluten free. Blended and manufactured with care to the exact recipes that were formulated by the founder Leslie Simpkin in the 1920s, these are timeless classics!

Simpkins Chocolate Bars

With six flavours to choose from, our own brand chocolate bars are a no added sugar product and so are diabetic friendly. We believe that these are among the finest no added sugar chocolate options available today.

Simpkins Biscuits

These Simpkins biscuits have been manufactured by traditional methods and recipes for over 20 years and are widely regarded as the benchmark for sugar free/ no added sugar biscuits. Available in ginger, chocolate chip and Viennese flavours.

Simpkins Juicees Chews

Simpkins Juicees are a very popular sugar free chewy treat and are available in fruit, peppermint, sherbet lemon and sherbet strawberry flavours, all in 75g packs.

Simpkins Nipits Liquorice Pellets

The original British strong liquorice pellets, our Nipit brand which was first sold in the 1920s. These pure liquorice pellets come in a handy little pocket tin and help clarify the voice and clear the throat – ideal for singers and speakers.

Simpkins Frog in your throat Lozenges

From a recipe originally formulated by Simpkins in 1923, our Frog in Your Throat lozenges pack a powerful kick! Ideal for cold winter days, or just when you need to clear your throat and nose!

Simpkins Olde Miners Lozenges

Available in original, spicy ginger and blackcurrant menthol flavours, Olde Miners come in a retro look 40g tin. They are penetratingly strong and highly recommended for clearing the nose and throat.

Simpkins Pure Liquorice

Simpkins produce liquorice as both sticks and as natural liquorice root. These are available in 30g packs or in 1Kg tubs, for the serious liquorice lover!